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Visitors and users of our website Slotleader.com can use the website completely anonymous. They can consult all its information and content without having to open an account or in any other way subscribed to Slotleader.com by providing personal data.

Player ratings

In case a reader or user of Slotleader.com decides to rate a casino they need to create an account. The account details will kept save and secret and will not be used for commercial purposes. This also is the case when players submit a complaint about an online casino listed or when they report a review mistake.

Registering an Account

At registration, you are required to create a username. We advise that the name chosen is appropriate and is not in any way offensive or vulgar. Please choose a password that cannot easily be uncovered by unwarranted intruders including personal dates like birthdays, anniversaries, addresses etc. It is important to agree to never give your password out to anyone with the exception of an administrator who may be required to assist you as well as protect and validate user identity. You are never to use another member’s account for any reason whatsoever.


Minimum character requirement for news, reviews, blogs, editorial and other comments is 200. Quotes and spaces between words and lines don't count toward character requirement. The maximum number of ratings allowed in a 24 hour period is 10. This includes casino, bingo, sports, poker, free games and land based casino reviews. Members are allowed to rate only sites and places they actually played at. Members cannot rate sites that do not allow their country to play.


Slotleader.com doesn’t use any cookies. You can confidently explore the pages of slotleader.com without we knowing who you are or having to worry about a big brother that is watching you. In case you visit an external website via slotleader.com it might be this site uses cookies. Slotleader.com recommends their visitors and users to always inform themselves about the cookie policy of such external websites.

Inquiries and Comments

You can contact Slotleader.com by means of our special contact form. Any personal data that is collected by Slotleader.com to establish and / or maintain this contact will solely and exclusively be used for this specific purpose: establishing and / or maintaining the contact.

External links

Slotleader.com has links leading to other, external, websites which are all sites of online casinos that use casino gaming softwares available on our website. However, Slotleader.com is an independent, autonomous and objective website and (explicitly) not in any way related to the software providers companies. Although we try to inform our readers as much as possible about external websites that can be visited by a link on Slotleader.com we highly recommend to carefully read the Terms & Conditions that are applied on visiting and using such external websites. In case personal data is provided to an external website that was visited by a link on Slotleader.com it’s important to acknowledge the fact Slotleader.com not in any circumstances is responsible for this data. Slotleader.com doesn’t have access to (or insight in) the personal data that’s provided to an external online casino website, for example to open a casino account. This means we are not able to directly interfere or assist in any issues that might occur between an individual and the concerned casino.

Question about Slotleader.com Terms and Privacy

If you still have questions about our privacy policy or anything else regarding the above mentioned please don’t hesitate to contact us through one of our available contact methods.